PV System Soultions
      Based on technical accumulation in mono-crystalline module, LONGi is committed to providing the world's leading solutions of efficient mono-crystalline PV power station. By closely combining mono-crystalline technology with PV market and power plant terminal, we provide customers with integrated solutions covering the whole life cycle (e.g., development, design, construction, trade and intelligent operation & maintenance) of PV power plant on the basis of strong financing strength, excellent development ability of system core equipment, leading design capability of system integration.

     The project type of large scale clean-energy ground power station covers various application scenarios. Through strong technical R&D strength, rich experience in system integration and improved intelligent operation & maintenance system, investment revenue of the PV power station can be improved greatly, creating greater value for customers. Meanwhile, multiple new comprehensive utilization forms such as comprehensive treatment of lands, agricultural-solar hybrid PV power station, water  floating PV Station and forest-solar hybrid PV power station are used to provide wider space for optimization design of PV power station and application of PV industry.

PV Power Station
Power station in mountainous region
The power station in mountainous region are mainly built in remote  mountainous region where the environment and terrain conditions are complicated and changeable. This makes it more difficult to build a PV power station in the area than to build one on the flat ground. Therefore, stricter requirements are posed for survey, design, equipment selection, construction, installation and commissioning of the whole power station. By virtue of high quality and reliable customized schemes and services, LONGi has completed multiple mountainous PV power station projects with complex terrain and construction difficulties, winning respect and praises from the industry.
Ground power station
From development of power station to construction and operation & maintenance, LONGi has conducted optimizations and innovations in the whole process and integrated mono-crystalline technology into the power station in a perfect manner. In this way, the investment revenue has been optimized reasonably and the maximum benefits have been realized effectively.
Desert power station
When a PV power station is built, solar radiation and water evaporation received by the ground can be reduced, which will promote growth repletion of vegetations. Meanwhile, solar power will be transformed into clear energy, which cannot only create jobs for locals and increase tax, but also reduce governance cost and improve ecological environment. In this way, photoelectricity can be produced and vegetation recovery and ecological environment improvement will be realized.
Agriculture-PV complementation power station
New energy + new agriculture; PV revives the oldest traditional agriculture.  On one hand, solar PV system can use agricultural lands for power generation. On the other hand, PV agricultural system makes agricultural products more productive, safer and more nutritious by using intelligent light and water supplement and thermoregulation characteristics.
Fishery-PV complementation power station
 Fishery-PV combination power station produces power through the solar-cell panels installed on the wide pond. PV modules are arranged above the water in a stereoscopic manner. Lower part of the pond is used for aquiculture, while the upper part is used for PV power generation. In this way, the pond can be used for two purposes, which can greatly improve the economic value of lands per unit area. In this way, win-win results are achieved in social, economic and environmental benefits.             
Distributed Power Station
Off-grid And Micro-grid Systems
PV/diesel/storage hybrid generation system with no power/weak current
Due to imbalance of power resources, regional economy and population distribution, the economy from the power grid is poor In this way, regions with weak grid and even no power grid are formed Construction of the "PV diesel storage " hybrid generation system independent of the power grid is a better way to solve the problem of electricity consumption in regions with weak grid and even no electricity
Home System
Household and energy storage
Distributed PV Systems convert solar energy into electricity through solar panels, consist of PV, Inverter, Battery, Plants and Auxiliary Distributed PV Systems can be installed in any place with sunlight , In addition to providing clean energy for daily use of electricity, residual electricity can be sold to the national grid for substantial gains
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